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My name is Ken Kohnhorst and my wife Charlotte and I have traveled in Germany and Austria for the past 20 years.  In 1989 I made a trip with two friends and was introduced to the Zillertal.  I attended a Heimatabend in Mayerhofen and I don't recall the groups who performed but the one thing I do remember is I loved the music and wanted to come back. 
Charlotte and I started going to the Gauderfest each year in Zell am Ziller and loved all the groups we have seen through the years...such as the Haderlumpen, Zellberg Buam, Die Hegl, Local Sound, Die Ladiner,
Marc Pircher, plus the last performance by the Original  Schutzenjager. 
During one of these trips we saw a group called "Crystal" and I really liked their music...especially the jodeling.  Several years later in 2004 I was putting together the entertainment for our Oktoberfest in my home town of Leavenworth, Washington, "The Bavarian Village"  I called in hopes of getting "Crystal" to come but was told they were no longer together but there was new group, a duo called the "Zillertaller Mander". They shipped a CD and I listened to the first song on the CD and called them to see if they could come and perform at Oktoberfest.  They indeed came and to this day they are probably the best music group we have ever had.  They came back for a second year (2005) and Albin and Chrsitian have become good friends. It would not be a complete trip to Austria if we didn't see them perform and have a "beer and a schnapps" together.
We attended Gauderfest from 2007- 2009 and by now the Zillertaler Mander have become one of the most popular groups in the Zillertal.  In 2008 many friends from USA joined us at Gauderfest and we had a great time!  The "Zillertaler Mander" made a ton of new fans. 
Of course we had to come and celebrate their 10th anniversary in Zell am Ziller.  Their performance also at the Bruck'n Stadl  was outstanding and a great time was had by all.
Charlotte and I want to show our support and love for Christian & Albin by forming the "Zillerter Mander USA Fan Club.

Please enjoy the site and if you want to become a member simply e-mail at graphicone@charter.net

Ken Kohnhorst